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Contrôleur DMX-512 pour Wallwashers

Contrôleur DMX-512 pour Wallwashers
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Contrôleur DMX-512 pour Wallwashers
Référence : ELD-DMX512

• Control methods - Key control and wireless remote control. Effective distance 80m.
• International standard DMX512 decoder. Address coded by DPI switch settings.
• Full color control system to display the RGB gray level 256 class. Can show 16770000 kinds of colors.
• Internally installed multiple changing models and pause function.
• Has a good anti interference function, and has the function of automatic fault recovery.
• Supported output interface: XLR-3 male and female 1:GND 2:DMX-(B) 3:DMX+(A).
• Controllable lamp type: Wall Washer, Spot lamp, contour lights, light brick, buried underwater lights etc.

Product details
Category: LED Power supply
LED Wall lamps
Input Voltage: 12 V (DC) -- 24V (DC)
Power: <5 W
Remote control distance: <80
Output signal: DMX512(1990)
outside dimension (Φ×H) (LxWxT): 162 x 123 x 53 mm
Remote Control: YES
Certificate: CE
Warranty: 2 years
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