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LED, (electroluminescent Diode), was created in 1962. With an upper bright effectiveness in that of the bulbs and fluorescent-compact lamps, LED is the lightning of the future.
LEDs allows to make savings of energy everywhere where they are used. LEDs, light-emetting diode, is an electrical lamp with energy saving potential using electroluminescent diodes. A lamp LED uses 10 - 20 times less energy than an comparable incandescent bulb and has a life 30 - 50 times longer. Which reduces the frequency of replacement of the lamp bulb low consumption and therefore its expenses of service.
Advantages and inconvenients
Led have a few advantages:
- An instantaneous ignition
- An insensitiveness in repeated ignitions and in low temperatures
- Low heat emission
- A very long life panel varying from 50 000 till 100 000 hours of functioning (that is 5 - 10 times more than an fluo-compact bulb)
- A very good resistance to shocks and to vibrations
LEDs are environmental friendly not producing any UV nor mercury. Their price remains still well brought up, though their use is extremely lucrative at usage. Today, LEDs arrives at maturity. Leds can be used in any kind of lightning situation, at home, at work in decoration, in archtectural lightning, and even in professional illumination (stores, chemist's shops, office), as well as street lightning. There are three types of energy saving light on the market today:
- Led lights
- fluocompact bulb
- Fluorescent tubes
The fluo-compact bulbs as well as the fluorescent tubes can wholly be replaced by LEDs!