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How does it looks like inside?
Here is one of our top quality led bulb. You can tell the quality of manufacture, see SMD leds as well as electronic circuit in the basement of the lamp and which is used to drive, meaning regulating the current to provide the 27 SMD Leds optimum working conditions. These circuits insert a protection in case of short-circuit and in important variation of voltage.
All our products are of the best possible quality. They are all well designed by well know manufacturer. At EspritLed we carefully choose our product and test them in order to provide our customer with satisfactory lightning equipment. These Leds doesn't have anything to do with previous generations, in our product panel you can find real replacment of traditional bulb even the temperature especially the '' Warm White '' ones will make you think it's a friendly old incandesent bulb! Try it, you definitely will adopt these bulbs.
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